Western Masters Martial Arts offers outstanding training in Traditional and "Olympic" style Tae Kwon Do - Korean Karate.  We also teach Aikido-Yoshinkan, Toyama-batto-do (samurai sword),  Ladies Self-Defense , JLFS Kick-Boxing and U.S. Military Combatives.  Also we have independent instructor programs at our dojo in Ving Tsun Kung-fu. 

We are located in Abingdon, Va. and serve the "Tri-city" region of Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol, Tn.   

Focus on the Students

We pride ourselves on a curriculum that is balanced and well structured. We make every effort to assure sound physiologic principles of training are followed in a safe and fun environment! Our attention to detail and the impressive combined experiences of our founder and senior instructors make our approach truly unique. Our instructors are not just excellent martial artists and teachers, they are also accomplished professionals outside the school in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, military, and education. We teach applicable martial arts and take a real interest in helping our students grow and achieve for a lifetime. We are focused on fostering a better, safer, and more peaceful world...one student at a time!


Western Masters Martial Arts was Founded in 1979 - We have locations in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee - Check out our Affiliate Page for these fine Dojo.


"We teach quality effective proven martial arts, integrity, discipline and Zen - NOT Violence...we follow the pathway of Jhoon Rhee and Moreihei Ueshiba and our founder...a real warrior in the truest definition"...

Colonel Dane S. Harden - U.S. Army Combat Veteran - Bosnia - Kosovo - Iraq - Afghanistan 


Congratulations to our newest

Brown Belt's 

Mr. Mike Simpson

Ms. Ava Workman

Ms. Kinlee Estep

Western Masters Martial Arts


The 2015 Recipient 

Best of Abingdon Award!


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Learn something useful and get fit this winter! 



"Upcoming Event's Invitation"

November 20-21, 2015

A Training Seminar in Ottowa Canada 

Featuring Master Dane S. Harden

Contact Tony Hensley Sensei for details




 Healing Warrior Initiative

October 24, 2015

Food City Conference Center Building

Valley Street 

Abingdon, Virginia


We are currently planning for the 2015 Event and will have additional instructors and the same GREAT event outline!

THANKS to all our Sponsors and Participants we broke all records for the 2014 Event! 

"Train with legends and truly gifted instructors - all the while helping a very worthy charity event!"


"Bill Superfoot Wallace - Shihan Dana Abbott - Kyoshi Kevin Blok"

"Master Danny Dring  - COL. Dane Harden - Sifu Jeff Webb 

"World Champion - The D.C. Bomber- Master Jeff Smith"

Saturday October 24-25, 2015


The 2015 Event held in Beautiful Southwest Virginia Mountains and Historic Abingdon!  

"A unifying martial arts event to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and other state and local veterans groups. 

"This is something we can all stand behind"





"Hey Parent's"

Need a Padded Room!  

Birthday Party Rentals at the Dojo are Available!

Weekend's Only!


Black Belt Candidate

Ava Workman (TKD) - Mike Simpson (Aikido)

Testing to Shodan Black Belt this Spring

"Examinations are Open" 


Western Masters K-9 Dog Training Center

(Instructors: Dr. Sherry L. Harden and Dr. Leigh Anne Young)

 K-9 Dog Training Center opening soon.  Focus on Dog Obedience, Tracking, Agility, and Basic Protection. 

"This program is an independent program" 

Program Director : Dr. Sherry L. Harden 

For information contact: 276-356-9408


"Check us out on facebook @ Western Masters Martial Arts of Abingdon" 

Locations - Abingdon, Virginia ~ Cumberland, Maryland ~ Martinsburg, West Virginia ~ Mount Carmel, Tennessee


Affiliated with these fine international organizations.



"Rest in Peace Joe - Semper Fi"


Western Masters Martial Arts is making the world a safer place...One student at a time!