Western Martial Arts serving Abingdon,
 Va; Bristol, Tn; Kings Port, Tn; Johnson City, Tn

Our Instructors

    Sensei Dane S. Harden began training in the martial arts in 1969 and has pursued a life as a professional soldier, health care provider, teacher, and martial artist of the old school. Some of his many accolades and accomplishments are listed:   

Martial Arts History:

7th Dan Tae Kwon Do - Kom Do Kwon 

3rd Dan Yoshinkan Aikido - Chudokai Aikido Federation

3rd Dan Samurai Sword - Menkyo Instructors License

Military Senior Combatives Instructor 

President and Founder of Western Masters Martial Arts, Incorporated 1979

Senior Mentors Board of Advisors - Joe Lewis Fighting System 

Medical Advisor - USADojo.com 

Medical and Martial Arts Advisor - FightCon.com 

Published Author: Black Belt Magazines Dojo Medicine series - Aikido Journal - USA Dojo - Martial University and many other sites. 

Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame - Anaheim, California. 

Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

Military Career: 

Full-Bird Colonel U.S. Army. 

U.S. Army Senior Flight Surgeon (APA-C). 

Graduate United States Army Command and General Staff Officers College

Combat Veteran: Bosnia-Hertzgovina, Kosovo, Slovenia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Hurricane Katrina.

Numerous military decorations and awards notable: Combat Air Medal - Order of Military Medical Merit - Humanitarian Service Medal - NATO Peacekeeping Medal - Meritorious Service Medal - and numerous other awards and honors from twenty-four years of military service that is ongoing at the time of this writing. 

Civilian Education: Bachelor of Science Degrees: Biological Science and Respiratory Therapy

Masters Degrees: Medical Science Education and Military Science

Professional Degree: Physician Assistant Program and a board certified (PA-C) in Primary Care Medicine

Dual U.S. Army Specializations in Emergency Medicine and Orthopaedics 

Fellow and Lecturer Wilderness Medical Society.


Master Dane Harden
Master Harden began his training in the martial arts in 1969. He holds a Seventh Degree Black in Tae Kwon Do, Third Degree Black Belt in Aikido. He is an Advanced Yoshinkan Aikido Instructor (Shidoin) and also teaches the Japanese Sword.


Jarrod Griffith
Jarrod Griffith will be teaching the TKD Beginners classes held on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 6:15-7:15 PM.


Dr. Sherry Harden
Tactical Handgun and Non-Lethal weapons. These classes will be held on a scheduled basis and will be team taught by Dr. Harden and guest Instructors. Sherry has trained in the martial arts since 1989 in Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and specifically weapons.


Truman Hawks
Assistant Instructor Kinder Kickers Program Tuesday and Thursday Nights 5:30-6:10 PM


Randall Mullins
Randall is an Assistant Instructor with our TKD, Sword, and Aikido programs. Randall is also the dojo uchi-deshi and maintains the facility.


Micheal Simpson
Mike is the Assistant Instructor for our Aikido Program


Sensei Billy Swoager
Owner and Head Instructor Billy Swoager has studied Martial Arts for over 20 years, holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a Certified Army Combatives Instructor. Sensei Swoager is a combat veteran and served in Iraq.


Dr. Pietro (Peter) Marghella
Highlights: Third Dan - Tae Kwon Do; Retired Naval Officer (Commander); Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc.), A.T. Still University; Professor, The George Washington University; Member WMMA, Board of Directors; WMMA Standards Committee; Senior Public Affairs


Chris Hochard
Sensei Chris Hochard owns and operates the "OLD SCHOOL DOJO" in Cumberland, Maryland.


Sensei Bruce E. Feigenbaum
Highlights: Owner Annapolis Maryland Dojo. Vice President, Western Masters Martial Arts Inc. Marketing Director, WMMA. Senior Board of Directors, WMMA. Sandan TKD, Brown Belt Sword, Brown Belt Aikido.


David Henry
Sensei Henry owns and operates the "ProForm Dojo" located in Martinsburg, WV. Sensei Henry holds a Sandan Black Belt through Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. and they are one of our affiliated programs.


Sihing Mark Pickels
The "Virginia Ving Tsun Kung Fu" class meets regular at the Western Masters facility on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7PM until 9PM.



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